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POLY CARE :  Although our paint does not have a shelf life some products do and are temperature sensitive.  DO NOT store Poly in direct sunlight , DO NOT store it in high temps 80 degree and up. If you know your garage or other work space gets hot please store it in a cool spot.   DO NOT allow the Poly to freeze.  YES and optionally you can store the poly in the fridge but it is not required.   Well taken care of poly will last along time.  There are many other products in the hobby that are also temperature sensitive such as Super Glue, Carpenter glue, epoxy resins etc.   Be sure that the cap it tight and closed tightly.   The poly will last along time when properly cared for.  Mission Models can not control how the poly is handled or stored once it leaves our location. 

Please note that not all chemicals have an indefinite shelf life.  Some chemicals will breakdown or kick over with age like that of CA glues , Epoxy resins etc.  This also includes polyurethane.  Mission Model poly will last a long time when properly taken care of.  Mission Models can not take responsibility for improperly used or stored products ( poly )  or product that has broken down or kicked over due to extreme age or extreme temperature.